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Your photos are assets that you’ll use everywhere, from your album cover or inserts, to your website and social media posts, to advertise your gigs, to supply to magazines and webzines. Having the right shots, quality shots, will pay you back over and over again.

When you hire me for your photoshoot you are hiring a photographer who has also been a gigging musician for years, which means that I appreciate exactly what it is you are looking for and that together we can achieve a positive creative exchange.


When you get in touch please also let me know your budget. This way I can tailor your requirements to ensure they are affordable to you.


Artist photoshoots can take place anywhere, wither on a location or using a portable studio setup. Backstage before or after your show, during your rehearsals … anything is possible.


If you have a specific idea for your shoot let me know – otherwise we can discuss together or I can present you with ideas of my own.


Please get in touch using the contact form below, or email directly at

email : [email protected]

call/sms/whatsapp : +33 6 42 99 94 84